Thursday seminar

31. 5. 2018: Metabazity Jizerských hor. Jak změní pohled na pravěk střední Evropy jedna (ne)obyčejná surovina. [detail]

Přednáší Petr Šída

Our publications

Svoboda, Jiří; Pokorný, Petr; Horáček, Ivan a kol. (2017): Late Glacial and Holocene sequences in rockshelters and adjacent wetlands of Northern Bohemia, Czech Republic: Correlation of environmental and archaeological records.

Quaternary International.


12. 5. 2018: Česká televize (Historie.cs) [detail]

Ivan M. Havel byl hostem pořadu Historie.cs v díle nazvaném Umělá inteligence – sluha, nebo pán?


23. 5. 2018 - On 23 May, the library will be open only until 4:30 pm.

Center for Theoretical Study

Welcome to the homepage of Center for Theoretical Study (CTS), the Institute for Advanced Studies, jointly established and run by Charles University and the Czech Academy of Sciences.

CTS performs high quality theoretical research in diverse fields, ranging from the humanities through various social science disciplines to the exact sciences. CTS stimulates transdisciplinary approaches to science, encouraging new ways of interaction and cooperation between disciplines.


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On 23 May, the library will be open only until 4:30 pm. (created 23. 5. 2018)
CHANGE IN LIBRARY OPENING HOURS: On 7th and 8th Feb, the library will open only between 1:30 pm and 4:00 pm. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused. (created 5. 2. 2018)
The CTS library will be closed between DEC 27 and DEC 29. (created 14. 12. 2017)

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