Mgr. Eliška Bohdalková

Eliška Bohdalková
Is a student of ecology at the Faculty of Science, Charles University. She is interested in biodiversity gradients and its determinants. She focuses on the relationship between species richness and abundance and on the equilibrium theory of biodiversity dynamics.

Current grants (Researcher):

The equilibrium theory of biodiversity dynamics - macroecological perspective [detail]

2020 - 2024, GA ČR EXPRO 20-29554X board n. EX5

Selected bibliography:

Storch, David; Šímová, Irena; Smyčka, Jan; Bohdalková, Eliška; Tószögyová, Anna; Okie, Jordan (2022): Biodiversity dynamics in the Anthropocene: how human activities change equilibria of species richness

Ecography 44: e05778. (Part of Special Issue: Restoration)

Bohdalková, Eliška; Tószögyová, Anna; Šímová, Irena; Storch, David (2021): Universality in biodiversity patterns: variation in species–temperature and species–productivity relationships reveals a prominent role of productivity in diversity gradients

Ecography 44: 1366-1378.

Storch, David; Bohdalková, Eliška; Okie, Jordan (2018): The more-individuals hypothesis revisited: the role of community abundance in species richness regulation and the productivity-diversity relationship.

Ecology Letters 21: 920-937.