Mgr. Pavel Duda, Ph.D.

Pavel Duda
He studied zoology at the Faculty of Science, University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice. His research concerns evolution of human behavior and reconstruction of human population-level phylogenetic relationships.

Current grants (Researcher):

Are there limits to diversity? Towards an equilibrium theory of biodiversity [detail]

2016 - 2018, Czech Science Foundation 16-26369S board no. P505

Nature and Culture – Interaction of Cultural and Biological Evolution in an Interdisciplinary Perspective [detail]

2012 - 2017, University Research Centres (UNCE) no. 204004

Selected bibliography:

Duda, Pavel; Zrzavý, Jan (2016): Human population history revealed by a supertree approach

Scientific Reports, 6, 29890. [detail]

Peoples , Hervey; Duda, Pavel; Marlowe , Frank (2016): Hunter-Gatherers and the Origins of Religion

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Duda, Pavel (2015): Pygmejové pohledem evoluční biologie

In: Hroníková, Linda; Schierová, Zuzana a kol. Pygmejové: Nejmenší lidé pohledem antropologie. Academia, Praha.

Duda, Pavel; Zrzavý, Jan (2013): Evolution of life history and behavior in Hominidae: Towards phylogenetic reconstruction of the chimpanzee–human last common ancestor

Journal of human evolution, 65(4), 424-446.