The Progres programme (replacing Research Development Schemes, known under the Czech acronym PRVOUK) have been providing institutional support for research at Charles University 2017-2021.

For the Center for Theoretical Study was agreed the programme Transdisciplinary research of the anthropocene (Q50).
Coordinator of the programme is doc. Petr Pokorný, Ph.D.

Brief synopsis of the programme:

The project builds on the previous program PRVOUK P22 (Theoretical study of complex phenomena), but reflects a shift in focus for the research groups at the Centre for Theoretical Study (CTS). These groups are becoming increasingly engaged in the complex dynamics of recent processes in nature and society (where by recent we mean a range of different time scales from the Holocene up to recent decades). At CTS, we implement an interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research approach: as traditional disciplines alone would not be able to fully capture the changes and trends of the Anthropocene that have accelerating dynamics and are very complex (social and natural processes being closely interrelated).

We consider the following trends and processes to be worthy of study:
(1) the increasing affect of humans on landscape dynamics and the functioning of natural ecosystems;
(2) the extinction of species and changes in biodiversity at different spatial scales;
(3) changes in the carrying capacity and productivity of ecosystems caused by man - and retroactively affecting both biodiversity and the dynamics of human societies;
(4) population growth, but also its current slowdown related to social and economic changes;
(5) urban growth and urbanization, retrospectively impacting the dynamics of society and landscape utilization and its structure;
and (6) the growing complexity of decision-making processes, including expert assessment and the participation of the public in decision-making.

All these trends and processes will be studied using the methods and approaches of palaeoecology, macroecology, urban theory, anthropology, economics and sociology; reflecting the exactness of the available data we will use a full range of new mathematical tools. The project will also include a philosophical analysis of the changes occurring in our contemporary world, thus using the unique opportunity provided by the CTS forming a joint unit with the Institute of Philosophy ASCR and the Archive of Jan Patočka (whose work was focused on these changes). We expect to widen our international cooperation and will continue our close cooperation with other departments of Charles University, in particular the Faculty of Science and the Faculty of Arts.