Research Associates

Marek Biskup

Probability Theory.

Eliška Bohdalková [detail]

Biologist and ecologist. She is interested in macroecology and biodiversity.


Pavel Duda [detail]

Evolutionary biologist. Studies evolution of human behavior and human population history.


Jan Hošek [detail]

Geologist. Studies geological record of the Quaternary period.

Vojen Ložek

Biologist. Studies Quaternary environments, recent and fossil snails. Is active in nature conservation decision making.

Antonín Macháč [detail]

Evolutionary biologist studying the ecology of speciation and extinction and its consequences for global diversity patterns.


Jan Novák [detail]

Biologist, botanist. He is interested quaternary development of vegetation and landscape.


Robert Pacák [detail]

Ecologist. He focus on mathematical aspects of macroecology.


Jindřich Prach [detail]

Biologist, botanist. He is interested in landscape and vegetation changes over the time.


Petr Šída [detail]

Archaeologist, geologist and ethnologist. He is concerned with a comprehensive study of hunting societies.


Eva Šizlingová [detail]

Data expert and computer based modeller.

Anna Tószögyová [detail]

Biologist. She is concerned with macroecological patterns.


Pavla Žáčková

Biologist. Studies the development of natural and synanthropic vegetation.