Research Associates

Eliška Fulínová [detail]

Philosopher. Phenomenology and ancient Greek philosophy.

email: fulinova(zavinac)

Eva Jamrichová

Jan Novák [detail]

Biologist, botanist. He is interested quaternary development of vegetation and landscape.

email: prourou(zavinac)

Michal Synek [detail]

Sociologist. He is interested in theoretical problems with practical impact at the crossroads of science and technology studies, disability studies and care studies.

email: synek(zavinac)

Petr Šída [detail]

Archaeologist, geologist and ethnologist. He is concerned with a comprehensive study of hunting societies.

email: petrsida(zavinac)

Eva Šizlingová [detail]

Data expert and computer based modeller.

Jan Turek [detail]

Archaeologist focusing on the Neolithic and Eneolithic periods.

email: turek(zavinac)