Mgr. Irena Šímová, Ph.D.

E-mail: simova(zavinac)

Phone: +420 221 183 532

Research interests: Macroecology, scaling, mechanisms generating species richness patterns in plants at various spatial scales.

Since 2012 postdoc at the Center for Theoretical Study, Charles University in Prague.
2006 - 2012 Ph.D. in Botany (specialization in Macroecology), Charles University in Prague.
2001 - 2006 M.A. (Mgr.) in Biology, Charles University in Prague.

Current grants (Researcher):

The equilibrium theory of biodiversity dynamics - macroecological perspective [detail]

2020 - 2024, GA ČR EXPRO 20-29554X board n. EX5

Selected bibliography:

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In the February issue, the article is freely available. [detail]

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