Thursday seminar

21. 6. 2018: Environmentální problémy a původní obyvatelstvo Sibiře [detail]

Přednáší Tomáš Boukal

Our publications

Hošek, Jan; Pokorný, Petr; Prach, Jindřich a kol. (2017): Late Glacial erosion and pedogenesis dynamics: Evidence from high-resolution lacustrine archives and paleosols in south Bohemia (Czech Republic)

Catena 150, 1, 261-278.


13. 9. 2018: Salon (příloha Práva) [detail]

Ivan M. Havel byl hostem Salonu. S redaktorem Salonu hovořil o lidském vědomí, umělé inteligenci a superinteligenci.


14. 9. 2018 - V nakladatelství OIKOYMENH vyšla kniha Zápisky introspektora, jejímž autorem je Ivan M. Havel.

Center for Theoretical Study

Welcome to the homepage of Center for Theoretical Study (CTS), the Institute for Advanced Studies, jointly established and run by Charles University and the Czech Academy of Sciences.

CTS performs high quality theoretical research in diverse fields, ranging from the humanities through various social science disciplines to the exact sciences. CTS stimulates transdisciplinary approaches to science, encouraging new ways of interaction and cooperation between disciplines.


Jilská st. 1, 110 00 Praha 1
(day entrance from Husova st. 4)
Phone: (+420) 222 220 671-2
Fax: (+420) 222 220 653


V nakladatelství OIKOYMENH vyšla kniha Zápisky introspektora, jejímž autorem je Ivan M. Havel. (created 14. 9. 2018)
Rector of Charles University announces an opening at the Center for Theoretical Study for the position: Postdoctoral researcher interested in one of the disciplines developed at the CTS, and open for transdisciplinary interactions and the dialogue between natural sciences and humanities/social sciences. The position is for 2 years. Requirements: Completed Ph.D. study, preferably within 3 years after the awarded Ph.D. (or equivalent title), fluent English, demonstrated experience in sciences or humanities. Required documents: A letter of intent together with a proposal of suggested research activities, specifying the links to CTS research topics, professional CV, list of publications, copy of the Ph.D. diploma or the confirmaton of the defence of Ph.D. dissertation or its submission. Expected starting date is 1st January 2019. Applications for the position may be delivered to the address: Centrum pro teoretická studia, Jilská 1, 110 00 Praha 1, Czech Republic, or via e-mail until 30th September 2018. (created 25. 7. 2018)
The regular opening hours of the library are cancelled during the summer break. Visits are possible on an individual basis. In this case, please contact our librarian - (created 4. 7. 2018)

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