Mgr. Jan Turek, PhD.

E-mail: turek(zavinac)

Phone: +420 221 183 526

Czech archaeologist, studied in Prague, Bratislava (Czechoslovakia) and Sheffield (UK). Since 1993 he organized several research and field projects, published several books and numerous academic papers. Since 1998 he lectured Prehistoric Archaeology and Archaeological Theory in Pilsen, Prague, Hradec Kálové (CZ), Sheffield and Cambridge (UK). In 2007 was awarded the Ian Potter Research Fellowship at the Flinders University, Adelaide (South Australia). He is specialist in the Neolithic and Chalcolithic Period of Europe, especially in regards to the reconstruction of social and gender structure and symbolic systems of prehistoric communities. This includes an interest in continuity and change in funerary practices, settlement pattern and artefacts. Since 2013 he is Editor-in-Chief of Archaeologies, Journal of the World Archaeological Congress (ISSN 1555-8622).

Main spheres of interest

Early Prehistory of Eurasia, Neolithic & Eneolithic Period; Bell Beaker Phenomenon; Reconstruction of prehistoric society, Gender archaeology, World archaeology and human rights.

Academic social networks

Current grants (Principal investigator):

Eneolithic long barrows in Bohemia and reconstruction of the ritual landscape around the hill of Říp [detail]

1.1.2021 - 31.12.2023, GAČR 21-25440S; panel no. P405