Mgr. Arnošt L. Šizling, Ph.D.

E-mail: sizling(zavinac)

Personal website:

Phone: +420 221 183 526

2011 - 2011 Sun Yat-sen University, China, Associate Professor
2007 - 2008 the University of Sheffield, UK, Marie Curie fellow
1998 - 2001 Czech Agency for Nature Conservation and Landscape Protection, Praha – researcher
1997 - 1998 Archaeological Institute, Praha – research assistant
1995 - 1996 TelcomSpol s r. o., Praha – analyst and consultant for BPR

Professional education:
1986 - 1991 Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of Charles University, Prague MS.
Thesis: “Stability in Biological Systems”
2001 - 2003 Faculty of Sciences, Department of Philosophy and History of Science, Charles University, Prague Ph.D.
Thesis: “Methodological Reliability and Informational Value of Mathematical Modelling in Biology Illustrated Using Two Macroecological Phenomena”

Other courses:
Astronomical course of Observatory and Planetarium of Prague – two years
Conservation biology and environmental experiences: Volunteer in the Czech Karst
Working group „Školka“ – two years Member of the Recycling group – since 1988

Languages: Russian, English

Research interest: Methodology; differences between animate and inanimate; mechanisms of spatial distribution of plants and animals, processes of invasion and immigration; dynamics of geographical ranges; macroecological and zoogeographical patterns; movement within landscape.

Current grants (Researcher):

Greenland Ice Sheet surface as a model ecosystem for microbial macroecology

2019 - 2021, GA ČR 19-21341S, board n. P505

The equilibrium theory of biodiversity dynamics - macroecological perspective [detail]

2020 - 2024, GA ČR EXPRO 20-29554X board n. EX5

Selected bibliography:

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