Mgr. et Mgr. Radan Haluzík, Ph.D.

E-mail: haluzik(zavinac)

Phone: 222 220 526

Radan Haluzík finished his studies at the Faculty of Science, Charles University. Later he studied social anthropology at the Institute of Humanities, Charles University (IZV UK) and at Stanford University in USA. His pre-doctorate studies under the direction of prof. Ernest Gellner were completed at the Centre for the Study of Nationalism at Central European University. He received his Ph.D. in England at University College London.

He lectured at FAMU, New York University in Prague, CERGE-EI (UPCES), Faculty of Humanities, Faculty of Social Sciences and Faculty of Science at Charles University. Radan lectures on current nationalism, the relation between politics and aesthetics, film and society, and further also about the social life of things, anthropology of socialism and postsocialism, the relationship of man to nature and wilderness a savages. In his field work he focuses on current ethnic conflicts. As a social anthropologist and war reporter was active in war zones in Bosna, Kosovo, Croatia, Chechnya, Georgia, Abkhazia, South Ossetia, Armenia, Nagorno-Karabakh and also in Afghanistan, Peruvian Amazonia, Mexican Chiapas and Kurdistan. He is interested in the motivation of individual soldiers and entire national movements and why they entered these conflicts, primarily the relationship between nationalist aesthetics and art and political programs leading to war.

Current grants (Principal investigator):

A Big House as a Traditional Response to the Challenges of Modernity: Tensions and Pardoxes of the Villas of Ethnic Minorities in the Western Balkans [detail]

2020 - 2022, GA ČR 20-28848S, board n. P410

Selected bibliography:

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Haluzík, Radan (2016): “Qui y a-t-il derriére tout ça?”: Révolutions et théries du complot en Europe de l’est.

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