Traces in Resilient Ralsko

Frei, Jan; Pauknerová, Karolína; Gibas, Petr; Šima, Karel
The aim of the Traces in Resilient Ralsko activity is to carry out a pilot data collection in the Ralsko area, present its results at an international conference and organize an international workshop. The research focuses on the traces of human and other actors in the landscape affected by uranium mining and military use. The broader context of our activity is the issue of resilient society. The data collection is coordinated by Karolína Pauknerová and she is collaborating with Petr Gibas (Institute of Sociology, Czech Academy of Sciences) and Karel Šima (Faculty of Arts, Charles University).

As part of the activity we are also preparing an international workshop Fragments, Traces, Memories (PDF), which will take place in Prague (9-10 October 2023).

Traces in Resilient Ralsko is one of the activities grouped under the Resilient Ralsko (, part of the Resilient Society for 21st Century: Crisis Potentials and Effective Transformation, programme of the Strategy AV21 at the Czech Academy of Sciences (more about the programme:, more about the Strategy AV21: