Remembering One´s Bible: Reception of

GAAV KJB801970701
The proposed research project has two basic aims. Its basis is a case study on medieval transmission of a particular text, Summarium Biblie, which is then used as an example of Biblical memory tool and placed into a wider context of practical uses of memory, attitudes towards the Bible, and condensing konwledge for educational reasons during the Middle Ages. While during the Middle Ages the text was very popular (over 150 manusripts survive), it has been almost totally neglected by scholars. The proposed reception case study will concentrate on specific aspects, including gathering explicit medieval mentions of the manuscripts, analysing the codex contents as indicators of reception, and, finally, analysing the individual manuscript radings of the text themselves. Due to the great number of surviving manuscript, the analysis will concentrate on manuscripts provenient from Central Europe. The result of the research should be three articles (published during the research offering the results in progress), three international workshops at CTS widening the topics to include other disciplines, and a larger detailed study (a book in English).