Jan Patočka and current issues of phenomenology GAČR 401/07/1488

GAČR 401/07/1488
The research team at the Jan Patočka-Archive aims to open a new discussion on Patočka´s phenomenology. The project will be focused at Husserl´s phenomenology as a significant point of departure for the phenomenology of Patočka: its aims is to elucidate some significant stages of Patočka´s confrontation with Husserl´s programme of phenomenology - the relationship between the life-world and the transcendental reduction in Patočka and Husserl, how Patočka´s starting-points were shaped in his doctoral thesis The Concept of Evidence and its Importance for Noetics, Patočka´s project of the asubjective phenomenology. Connceted with the conception of the life-world, the problem of history and historicity will be pursued. Within the frame of the project, a Czech edition of the main phenomenological texts of the philosopher will be prepared.