Spatial biodiversity patterns: role of energy, environmental heterogeneity, population sizes and phylogeny GAAV IAA601970801

GAAV IAA601970801
The aim of the project is to test hypotheses concerning the origin of spatial variation of biodiversity, using data on a wide range of taxa and spatial scales. Published data on species spatial distributions will be supplemented by our own field research, to obtain data on local population densities and habitat heterogeneity, which is crucial for discerning respective hypotheses. We will focus especially on revealing when and whether the observed increase of diversity with energy availability is mediated by (1) the encrease of population abundances, (2) an increase of habitat heterogeneity, leading to higher species turnover, or (3) higher temperature, supposedly affecting ectotherm diversity without neccessarily affecting their abundances. We will also analyse phylogenetic aspects of diversity patterns which provide a cluer to their evolutionary sources. Data will be analysed by sophisticated simulation and analytical techniques which we have recently developed.