Overcoming Subjectivism in Phenomenology: An Assesment of Patočka´s Concept of Phenomenality

Czech Science Foundation 401/11/1747

This project aims at initiating the discussion on a key philosophical conception of Jan Patočka - on the project of an Asubjective Phenomenology, i. e. a phenomenology based not on Husserlian transcendental subjectivity but on appearing itself (Patočka´s texts from the 1960s and 70s) or on the exteriorizing Interior (texts from the 1940s).

The project aims at 1) surveying this conception including its philosophical roots and contexts (Husserl, Heidegger, German classical philosophy, German romantics etc.); 2) testing different possibilities of thinking this position a step further and of using it in solving philosophical problems, as well as comparing it with recent philosophical conceptions; 3) subject the conception to critical inquiry.

For this purpose, the members of the team will publish a book and a number of studies in both Czech and foreign journals, prepare a colloquium and an international conference, speak at conferences and prepare the publication of 2 volumes of Patočka´s respective texts.

Principal investigator: Jan Frei
Researchers: Ivan Chvatík, Pavel Kouba, Jitka Pelikánová, Jan Puc, Martin Ritter, Ondřej Švec