Centre for Biodiversity Dynamics

University Research Centres (UNCE) no. 204016

The Centre for Biodiversity Dynamics integrates working groups and researchers involved in biodiversity research at all levels, from genetic diversity in populations to distribution patterns at the global scale. The problems studied range from evolution-oriented research (focusing e.g. on factors influencing intraspecific genetic and phenotypic diversity, patterns and processes of speciation, or impacts of interspecific hybridization) to ecologically-oriented studies of community composition and the processes affecting it, macroecological approaches to the evolution of diversity at continental and global scales, and recent changes of biodiversity due to climate change, biological invasions, and various anthropogenic factors. The research topics thus range from those of general relevance to applied topics relevant for the conservation and management of natural resources.

The teams involved in the Centre for Biodiversity Dynamics are drawn from four departments of the Faculty of Science (Botany, Ecology, Zoology, and the Institute for Environmental Studies) and from the Centre for Theoretical Study. These specialists have already established international reputations; they often study similar questions on different model organisms, and they offer complementary expertise. The main aims of the project are to support the excellent junior members of the teams and to further integrate and boost the biodiversity research at all departments involved. We benefit from modern laboratory and statistical methods, intensive involvement of undergraduate and doctoral students in the projects, and wide-ranging international collaboration.

Many of the projects are conducted not only in European countries but also in overseas regions, including Antarctica, African and South American mountain regions, Southeast Asia, Southern Africa, and New Zealand.