Possible Influence of Relationship Hierarchy on The Level of Homogamy in Same-Sex Relationships and Mate Preferences (A Cross-Cultural Study)

Valentová, Jaroslava; Bártová, Klára; Štěrbová, Zuzana
GA ČR 13-16959P board no. P407

Recent studies show that both physical and personality characteristics influence partner preferences and actual partner choice. Two theories explaining particular mechanisms of mate preferences and choice were proposed: theory of homogamy suggests that people prefer partners with similar physical or personality traits as their own, and in contrast, theory of complementarity states that people choose mates with opposite traits. Studies show that heterosexuals people usually choose mates similar to themselves, with the exception of dyadic hierarchy (i.e. submissiveness-dominance). As we have showed, in homosexual individuals preferences for the level of physical (dis)similarity in their potential partners is predicted by their preferred level of dyadic hierarchy. Here we want to test possible influence of preferred and actual position on the hierarchical-egalitarian continuum in same-sex relationships on the level of preferred (dis)similarity in personality and physical traits, and also on relationship satisfaction in actual same-sex couples.

Principal investigator: Jaroslava Valentová
Researchers: Klára Bártová, Zuzana Štěrbová

The grant had been awarded for the period 2013-5 but prematurely concluded by the end of 2014. As the reason states the principal investigator received a professorship at the university in São Paulo and left to Brazil.