Interspecific relationships and predation risks in grassland and wetland communities of birds

MŠMT, program LH - KONTAKT II, č. LH13278

The aim of the project is to analyse interspecific relationships and spatial structure of bird communities in natural and semi-natural grassland ecosystems and associated wetlands, to assess the risks of predation, rules of cooperation and species coexistence in these environments. The results will be the reference for estimating potential risks of predation for openly nesting birds in wetlands and grasslands at European breeding sites characterized with altered species composition and guild structures due to habitat and landscape changes during the 20th century. Field data will be collected in accordance with the proposed hypotheses to be statistically tested. The results will be presented at international conferences and will be published in scientific journals. The project assumes the involvement of researchers and students of universities from the Czech Republic and the Russian Federation.

Principal investigator: prof. Miroslav Šálek (Czech University of Life Sciences Prague)
Associate investigator: prof. David Storch, Ph.D.