Global X-Network Conference in Prague

Date: 18. 4. 2015 - 21. 4. 2015
Venue: CTS
Garants: David Storch ; John L. Casti ; Leena Ilmola
Sunday April 19th

9:00 B. Fox: Welcome, Introductions and conference orientation

9:30 David Storch: Introduction X-Center Prague

10:00 L. Ilmola: X-Center Helsinki

10:20 J. Casti: X-Center Vienna

10:50 B. Rouse: X-Center USA

11:10 B. Park: X-Center South Korea (STEPI)

11:30 C. Watanabe: X-Center update: FoXC-J

11:50 L. Ilmola, B. Fox: Global X-Network Update

13:00 - 15:00 Task Forces Discussions in smaller Groups over lunch
1) Security Task Force: Interdisciplinary look at security. What are the next big things to work on? What are the vulnerabilities not dealt with or discussed? How can our research assist and inform Chief Security Officers?
2) Resilience Measurement Task Force: Low probability high impact risks as a source of success: The challenge of Resilience Management

Monday April 20th

09:00 D. Storch: Scientific Seminar organized by X-Center Prague

Radovan Haluzík: Why Do Boys Go to War: Living in a Time of Activist Revolutions and Activist War Conflicts (...from the post-communist ethnic conflicts of the 1990s to current wars in the Arab world, Muslim Africa and Ukraine)

Cyril Říha: Uncertainty in Cities

Petr Pokorný: Holocene X-events. Some iconic examples within an expanded timescale

11.00 J. Casti: "Theory of Surprise" development

11.20 C. Watanabe: Dependency on Un-captured GDP as a Source of Resilience Beyond Economic Value

12.00 - 14.30 Task Forces Discussions in smaller Groups over lunch
1) Trust Task Force: The Global X-network researchers have studied shock response and sources of resilience in global industries, national resilience, regional (urban) resilience and resilience at the organization level. The common denominator of resilience of successful cases across the different research scopes is trust.
2) Urban Resilience and Rockefeller Proposal Task Force: What does Resilience mean in Human Communities?

14:30 Christian Fjäder: Uncertainty and Resilience in International Relations

14.50 Roger Jones: The science of inequality

15.10 J. Ramirez-Marquez: Multidimensional Approach for Comparison of System Resilience Analysis Best

16.00 K. Minami: Resilience performance and competence

16.20 Anna Kotsalo-Mustonen: Present article draft for the book project

16:40 L. Ilmola: Agent-Based Models and resilience

17:00 B. Fox: Status of books in process; Wrap Up, Action Items

17:30 We will leave together and go by tram and ferry to the restaurant on an island. Note: this walk would be a “terraine vague” excursion led by Radovan Haluzík, David Storch and other CTS members.

Tuesday April 21st

9.30 Round Table Open discussion
Projects not presented on Monday & Tuesday
Task Force Theme discussions: Collaboration Opportunities & Update on Research Tools

11.00 Grant proposal in process - Platform economy – how others can contribute

12.00 Closing remarks

14.00 World 2050 discussion at Charles University moderated by Leena Ilmola

CTS was in 2014-5 a member of the X-Center Network, which brings together multidisciplinary researchers and practitioners from different countries to build tools for decision makers and to research uncertainties, complexities and extreme events and their impact on human systems.

Financial support for the membership of CTS was provided by Karel Janeček.