Numeration 2016

Datum konání: 23. 5. 2016 - 27. 5. 2016
Místo konání: Trojanova 13, Praha 2
Garanti: Petr Kůrka
International Conference on Numeration Systems, Ergodic Theory, Number Theory and Combinatorics
Organizing institution: Czech Technical University in Prague. Co-organizing institution: Center for Theoretical Study.

The goal of this workshop is to bring together researchers interested in interactions between numeration systems, ergodic theory, number theory and combinatorics.

The topics involved cover:

General numeration systems
Geometric representations, Rauzy fractals, tilings
Representations of operations in Pisot base by finite automata
Sofic systems associated with Pisot numbers
Redundant representations and cryptography
Shift-radix systems
Abstract number systems
Beta-integers and their combinatorial properties
Spectra and spectral measures associated with numeration
Sums of digits for classical and non-classical numerations, associated fractals
Analytic and probabilistic study of arithmetic functions related to numeration
Combinatorics on words and Diophantine approximation
Algebraic and transcendental numbers linked with beta-numeration