Medieval Memories

Datum konání: 13. 9. 2006 - 15. 9. 2006
Místo konání: CTS - Husova 4, Praha 1

Researchers from various fields discuss memory in the Middle Ages

Researchers from various fields of medieval studies are invited to discuss memory in the Middle Ages within the transdisciplinary environment of the Center for Theoretical Study. The subject of memory has become popular among medievalists especially after the publication of Mary Carruthers’ The Book of Memory in 1990.

On the basis of particular case studies, the workshop aims at discussing, analysing, and perhaps categorizing its various meanings and contexts, such as the art of memory as part of rhetorical training (Kiss Farkas, Wojcik), retelling and manipulation of the past (Herren, Kalous, Németh), role of memory in self-fashioning (Forrai, Piron, Kiséry), memory as a subject of theoretical discourse (Karfíková, Ajvaz, Visi), memory in everyday life (Jaritz), mnemosyné (Agócs), the role of manuscripts (Baylis) and of material culture (Rasson), the cognitive processes (Havel), the practical processes of storing and recovering knowledge (Trlifajová, Silagiová, Doležalová).

The workshop which is open to anyone interested, there is not registration fee. Please, contact Lucie Doležalová ( for further details.

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