Searle's Ontology of Civilisation: Current Shape and Further Prospects

Date: 31. 5. 2003 - 1. 6. 2003
Venue: CTS - Husova 4, Praha 1

International conference

Saturday, May 31

since 2.30 p.m welcome tea 3 p.m. opening (Josef Moural) Barry Smith, On Free-standing Y-terms coffee break Eerik Lagerspetz, Are Institutional Facts Based on False Beliefs? Leo Zaibert, The Naturalistic Fallacy Fallacy


Sunday, June 1

9 a.m. Josef Moural, On the Facts/Reality Distinction and Counterfeit Money Michael Kober, Social Action coffee break Ingvar Johansson, Searle on Money John Searle, Institutional Reality and Human Nature