The Diverse Landscape of Knowing: Can We Cope with It?

Datum konání: 28. 8. 2000 - 30. 8. 2000
Místo konání: Villa Lanna

Workshop k 10. výročí založení CTS

Chair: Ivan M. Havel

List of presentations:

David Abram, “Reflections On Language and the Animate Earth”

Jens Allwood, “(1) “Linguistic Relativity” (2) “Dimensions of Dialog”

Ludvik Bass, “The World as a Text Written with One Letter”

Jean-Pierre Eckmann, “Topology and Information in the World-Wide-Web”

Marc Ellenbogen, “Infrastructure and Institutionalism – Why Less is Better than More, and More is Better than None”

Ivan M. Havel, “Causal Domains in the Landscape of Knowing”

Basil Hiley, “Mechanism versus Organism in Quantum Physics and Biology”

Stuart Kauffman, “Autonomous Agents and the Worlds They Make”

Anton Markos, “Hermeneutics of the Living I.”

Martin Beck Matustik, “The Critical Theorist as Witness: Habermas and the Holocaust”

Josef Moural, “Ontology of Civilization: Searle's Theory Revisited”

Zdeněk Neubauer, “Hermeneutics of the Living II.”

Martin Palous, “Politics of Transition”

Larry Schulman, “Causality with Multiple Thermodynamic Arrows of Time”

Jennifer Simons, “Science, Ethics and Weapons of Mass Destruction”

Arthur Zajonc, “Scientific and Contemplative Knowing: Finding Common Ground under Distinct Territories”

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