Brain, Mind, and Physics

Date: 13. 9. 1993 - 18. 9. 1993
Venue: Praha

Specialists from various fields discuss recent work related to brain, mind, cognition and consciousness fields


Ludvik Bass, U. of Queensland, Australia "Quantum mind-body coupling: consistency of effective volition with quantum uncertainty"

Ronald Chrisley, Sussex, UK "Quantum learning: can the ontological interpretation of quantum mechanics help to design quantum neurocomputers?

Sir John Eccles, Switzerland "How the Self Controls Its Brain"

Laurence I. Gould, U. of Hartford, CT, USA "Using competing species towards a nonlocal model for neural nets"

Ivan M. Havel, CTS, Charles University, Prague "Interactions over many ranges of scale"

Basil Hiley, London, UK "On speculations concerning the application of quantum mechanics to the brain"

Cyril Hoeschl and Jan Libiger, Charles University and Psychiatric Center Prague "Mental illness: a bridge over the body and mind"

Anthony Marcel, Med. Res. Council, Cambridge, UK [psychology of consciousness, title not yet announced]

Zdenek Neubauer, CTS, Charles U., Prague "Rational legacy of Buddhist tradition"

Karl H. Pribram, B.R.A.I.N.S. Centre, Radford U., Virginia, USA "Brain and consciousness"

Paavo Pylkkanen, U. of Helsinki, Finland "The problem of mental caustion in light of Bohm and Hiley's interpretation of quantum theory"

Bedrich Velicky, Charles University, CR "Keep your mind open: role of quantum idiom"