Reproducibility – Arts, Science, and Living Nature.

Datum konání: 11. 1. 2008 - 13. 1. 2008
Místo konání: Villa Lanna

10th Villa Lanna meeting "Science or Else"

Annual colloquium “Science, or Else” organized by Collegium Helveticum (Zürich) and Center for Theoretical Study (Prague). The jubilee 10th colloquium will take place in Villa Lanna on January 11-13, 2008.

The topic of the colloquium will be “Reproducibility – Arts, Science, and Living Nature”. Besides general reflections on reproducibility there will be two specialized sections – one focusing on reproducibility in arts, the other on reproducibility in sciences, especially in biology. This general outline shall be further specified in call for papers that will follow soon.

As usually, all the papers will be published in the special volume of “Collegium Helveticum Hefte”. In case you have any questions concerning the program of next Villa Lanna

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