Anthropocene: the contemporary world in transdisciplinary perspective

Date: 4. 9. 2023 - 8. 9. 2023
Venue: Centrum pro teoretická studia - Husova 4, Praha 1
In the Anthropocene era, scientists are beginning to study the world afresh: the traditional distinctions between natural and social sciences, and between academic and non-academic forms of knowledge no longer provide an adequate framework for interpreting the present. Anthropocene phenomena are complex, dynamically changing and often counterintuitively interconnected - if we want to understand the world we live in, it is crucial to be able to look at it from different disciplinary perspectives. During the Summmer School you will learn how to effectively study and interpret the contemporary world in interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary ways: you will learn how to go beyond your own expertise, communicate across disciplines, and better respond to the complex - ecological, social, and identity - challenges of the present.