Prague Summer School

Date: 10. 9. 2006 - 23. 9. 2006
Venue: Praha

Summer School


Marek Biskup (UCLA) Reflection positivity, Gaussian domination, and phase transitions in classical and quantum systems.

Anton Bovier (Berlin) and Frank den Hollander (Leiden) Metastability under stochastic dynamics.

Dima Ioffe (Technion) Giant components of quantum random graphs

Christian Maes (Leuven) and Karel Netočný (Praha) Fluctuations in nonequilibrium systems.

Fabio Martinelli (Roma) Kinetically constrained spin models

Stephan Mertens (Magdeburg) Computational complexity and phase transitions in combinatorial optimization.

Fabio Toninelli (Lyon) Localization-delocalization phenomena in random polymer models.