Promises of Science

Date: 13. 1. 2006 - 15. 1. 2006
Venue: Villa Lanna

8th Villa Lanna meeting "Science or Else" in cooperation with Collegium Helveticum, Zurich

Friday, January 13

14:30 Sightseeing: Villa Bertramka (W.A. Mozart Memorial in Prague-Smichov)

18:00 Get-together dinner: Lucerna (Černý kůň), Vodičkova 36.

Saturday, January 14

Introductory comments (Moderator: Gerd Folkers)

9:00 Archeology of the future (Johannes Fehr) Sustainability and future of energy supply (Moderator: Ivan Havel)

10:15 The present global energy policy: a dead-end street (Dieter Imboden)

10:45 Perspectives of nuclear energy (Jiří Niederle)

11:00 Discussion Improving humans by means of science and technology (Moderator: Alex N. Eberle)

14:30 Are we free to transform ourselves? (Marek Petrů) 15:00 Limits of transgression (Petr Kouba)

15:15 What is often left out of science’s promises: on the ethical dimension of nanotechnologies (Zdeněk Konopásek)

Sunday, January 15

General discussion to main topics (Moderators: Rolf Probala and Zdeněk Konopásek)

9:00 Begin Short comments (5-8 min): Right way or blind alley (Ivan Wilhelm) Prognoses in the deterministic world (Vladimir Pliska)

Participants who wish to present an additional short comment to any relevant topic (5-8 min) are asked to contact the moderators at latest on Saturday morning. Last twenty minutes will be devoted to the organization of the group and to the next meeting in 2007.