Thursday seminar

8. 6. 2023: Plants and humans of the past. Modelling approaches to studying complex interactions during the Holocene [detail]

Přednáší Jan Kolář

Our publications

Nohejlová Zemková, Michaela; Pauknerová, Karolína; Hermann, Tomáš a kol. (2022): Cesty české vědy (výstava)

Jáchymov, Beroun, Vrchlabí, Praha, Sněžné, Mikulov, 1.4.2022 - 26.11.2023


16. 11. 2022: Petr Pokorný - Planeta je místy zelená až moc, sázením stromů ji nespasíme. Ochranou je rozmanitost, říká ekolog [detail]


5. 5. 2023 - Summer School:

Anthropocene: the contemporary world in transdisciplinary perspective

Date:4. 9.— 8. 9. 2023, Prague

Program: Zde...

News archive

CTS organizes 12th Conference of Environmental Archaeology on 8th - 9th February 2016. More information on (created 16. 11. 2015)
CTS pořádá v rámci Týdne vědy a techniky 2015 přednášku Hvězdné nebe nad hlavou, odpadky pod nohama. Přednáška je vhodná pro SŠ, konat se bude 12.11.2015 od 10 hod. Více informací zde. (created 20. 10. 2015)
CTS celebrates its 25th anniversary! Join us for the lecture series Present and future of research at CTS on Thursday, 24th September 2015. (created 18. 9. 2015)
Tým Davida Storcha získal Cenu předsedy GA ČR za výsledky základního výzkumu v oblasti biologické rozmanitosti na povrchu Země - tisková zpráva a video zde. (created 8. 9. 2015)
On Sunday 4th October 2015, CTS and Foundation VIZE 97 presents Black Earth: Some Problems in Political Theory in Relation to the Holocaust, a lecture by prof. Timothy Snyder. More information here. (created 1. 9. 2015)
Rector of Charles University in Prague announces an opening at the Center for Theoretical Study for the position:
Postdoctoral researcher interested in one of the disciplines developed at the CTS, and open for transdisciplinary interactions and the dialogue between natural sciences and humanities/social sciences. The position is for 2 years.

Requirements: Completed Ph.D. study, preferably within 3 years after the awarded Ph.D. (or equivalent title), fluent English, demonstrated experience in sciences or humanities.

Required documents: A letter of intent together with a proposal of suggested research activities, specifying the links to CTS research topics, professional CV, list of publications, copy of the Ph.D. diploma or the confirmaton of the defence of Ph.D. dissertation or its submission.

Expected starting date is 1st November 2015.

Applications for the position may be delivered to the address: Centrum pro teoretická studia, Jilská 1, 110 00 Praha 1, Czech Republic, or via e-mail until 30th September 2015. For detailed information call 420-222 220 671, or send the email . (created 17. 6. 2015)
A lecture on Creating Just Energy Transitions: From Radioactivity to Renewables will be held on 10 June 2015 at CTS by Jennifer Richter from Arizona State University. More detailes here. (created 5. 6. 2015)
CTS organizes 2nd Central European Theoretical Archaeology Group meeting (TAG 2015) on 12 May 2015 Programme here (created 27. 4. 2015)
The Current Crisis of Europe from the Point of View of Phenomenology - An International Conference to Celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Jan Patočka Archives in Prague - 15-16 May 2015 (created 27. 3. 2015)

11th Conference of Environmental Archaeology on the topic "LIFE IN FLUX: Humans, animals and plants in postglacial ecosystems of Europe and Northern Africa" will take place from 9 - 11 February 2015 in České Budějovice. For more information click here.   

(created 19. 11. 2014)