Man and nature in quaternary

We study long-term development of natural and cultural phenomena in mutual interactions. We pay attention to dynamic processes, whose timescales refer to hundreds to tens thousands years and that are thus inaccessible to direct observation and experimentation. We use various kinds of sedimentary archives and different kinds of proxy- data (i.e. quantitative estimations extracted from interpretations of fossil finds, geochemical measurements and archaeological finds). We focus mostly to the present interglacial period (the Holocene). Recently we cooperate with macroecologists in order to test temporal invariances of general ecological theories using above mentioned proxy- data.

Jamrichová, Eva

Pauknerová, Karolína [detail]

Anthropologist and archaeologist.


Pokorný, Petr [detail]

Biologist. He is interested in quaternary paleoecology, development of vegetation and landscape.


Šizling, Arnošt L. [detail]

Biologist and ecologist.


Turek, Jan [detail]

Archaeologist focusing on the Neolithic and Eneolithic periods. Secretary of CTS.