Permanent fellows

Michal Ajvaz [detail]

Philosopher and writer. He writes poems, stories, novels, essays and theoretical studies.

email: ajvaz(zavinac)

Václav Cílek [detail]

Geologist and essayist.

email: cilek(zavinac)

Jan Frei (co-director) [detail]

Philosopher. He works at the Jan Patočka Archive, collaborating on editing of Patočka´s works.

email: frei(zavinac)

Eliška Fulínová [detail]

Philosopher. Phenomenology and ancient Greek philosophy.

email: fulinova(zavinac)

Radan Haluzík [detail]

Social anthropologist. His fields of interest include current ethnic conflicts and nationalism, the relation between politics and aesthetics and the social life of things.

email: haluzik(zavinac)

Jan Hošek [detail]

Geologist. Studies geological record of the Quaternary period.

Marek Hudík [detail]

Economist. He is interested in Economics, Decision theory, Game Theory, Philosophy of Science.


Ivan Chvatík [detail]

Philosopher, phenomenologist. Founder and director of the Jan Patočka Archives, he leads editing of Jan Patočka´s works.

email: chvatik(zavinac)

Zdeněk Konopásek [detail]

Sociologist. He works in the field of science and technology studies, focusing on complicated relations between science and politics, expertise and democracy.

email: konopasek(zavinac) | website:

Roman Kotecký [detail]

Mathematical physicist. He is interested in physics and mathematics of phase transitions.

email: kotecky(zavinac) | website:

Pavel Kouba [detail]

Philosopher. He is inspired by Husserl´s and Heidegger´s phenomenology. He focuses on current problems of phenomenological and hermeneutic philosophy.

email: koubap(zavinac)

Petr Kůrka [detail]

Mathematician. His main focus is in complexity of dynamic systems, symbolic dynamics, cellular automata and number systems.

email: kurka(zavinac) | website:

Anna Kvíčalová [detail]

The study of religions.

email: kvicalova(zavinac)

Alexander Matoušek [detail]

Art historian, philosopher. He is interested in phenomonology, religious studies, art theory and history.

email: matousek(zavinac)

Karolína Pauknerová [detail]

Anthropologist and archaeologist.

email: pauknerova(zavinac)

Petr Pokorný (director) [detail]

Biologist. He is interested in quaternary paleoecology, development of vegetation and landscape.

email: pokorny(zavinac)

Cyril Říha [detail]

Philosopher and architectural theorist. He is interested especially in research of contemporary cities.

email: riha(zavinac)

David Storch [detail]

Biologist and ecologist. He is interested in macroecology, biodiversity and evolutionary ecology.

email: storch(zavinac) | website:

Irena Šímová [detail]

Biologist, namely ecologist and botanist. Her research concerns mechanisms generating species richness patterns at various spatial scales.

email: simova(zavinac)

Arnošt L. Šizling [detail]

Biologist and ecologist.

email: sizling(zavinac) | website:

Ladislava Švandová [detail]

Archivist of the Jan Patočka Archive, editor of Patočka´s collected works.

email: ladka(zavinac)

Jan Turek [detail]

Archaeologist focusing on the Neolithic and Eneolithic periods. Secretary of CTS.

email: turek(zavinac)