Zdeněk Kalva

Graduated from CU, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics in 1962. He had a fellowship at the Physical Institute, Academy of Sciences of Poland (1962), McGill University, Toronto, Canada, (1967), one year at The American University, Washington (1969-1970), Physico-Technical Institute in Donneck, Ukraine (1978 - 1979) and Mathematisch-Physikalisches Inst. Basel-Dornach, (1987 - 1989). Since 1990 he is a member of the scientific society Freie Europaishe Academie der Wissenschaften. He has been a senior researcher at CTS from 1993 and simultaneusly teaches at the Institute for Fundamental Learning of CU and at the The Academy of Artistic Social Therapy.

Vybrané publikace:

Kalva, Zdeněk (2004): Transdisciplinary aspects of diffusion and magnetocaloric effect

Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry nr.76, str. 67-74

Kalva, Zdeněk (2003): Actual infinity and horizon in scientific knowledge

Mathematisch-Physikalische Korrespondenz nr.212, str. 28-31