Library rules and regulations

  1. The library of the Center for Theoretical Study („library“) is an internal library for the use of this Center. It was established to assist researchers of the Center and its aim is primarily to support researchers of the Center to fulfil their specific tasks.
  2. The library administres the collection of the Jan Patočka Archives, which is an autonomous part of the Library of the Institute of Philosophy, Academy of Sciences and the collection of the Center for Theoretical Study, Charles University. This library is a part of the Central catalogue of the Charles University.
  3. The library is open to internal users (employees of CTS, Jan Patočka Archives and interns) and even to external users (researchers and the public). An external user is obliged to announce his/her visit at the reception and to obey security pesonal instructions.
  4. External users can study documents only on the premises at the library.
  5. For external users, the library is open from 13:00 to 17:00 on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. It is possible to arrange a visit outside this time by agreement with the librarian.
  6. Information regarding the collection is available on the web , or you may send inquiries to the librarian by e-mail or by the phone 222 220 530.
  7. Documents are handed to users by the librarian.
  8. A requested document may be unavailable therefore it is highly recommended to send inquiries regarding availability prior to your visit to e-mail or telephone 222 220 530.
  9. It is forbidden to remove from the library any historical or rare documents.
  10. Rules regarding loans for internal users are defined by internal regulations.
  11. To the extend of its capabilites and within its field of specialization the library can provide users with advice on queries and bibliographal services (query for further sources and information providers etc.). The library participates in interlibrary loan services and provides reprographic and electronic services.