Integrating Multidisciplinary Data, Theory, and Methods – Towards a more Robust Science of Global Environmental Change

Přednáší: Carsten Meyer

Na přání přednášejícího nebude záznam ze semináře zveřejněn.
The human-environmental relationships underpinning global sustainability problems tend to be vast, complex, poorly documented, and interdisciplinary. All these factors make it challenging to address these problems in science, management, and policy. I will outline a vision for overcoming many of these challenges through a human-technological ‘infrastructure’ that integrates, updates, and enables regular feedbacks between the best-available empirical, theoretical, and methodological tools from multiple relevant scientific domains, ranging from ecology to land-use science to economics. I will give an overview of some initial steps towards realizing subcomponents of this infrastructure, hoping that this will spark a deeper discussion with the audience about how interdisciplinary scientific research can be organized.