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Ivan Chvatík


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1964, degree at the Faculty of Nuclear Physics of the Czech Technical University, Prague. 1968-1972, participated in external graduate study led by Jan Patočka at the Philosophical Faculty of the Charles University. After Patočka's expulsion from the University: stopped official graduate study and continued organizing Patočka's private seminars and lectures. Immediately after Patočka's death: deposited Patočka's written legacy in a secret place and started to publish his works in a special Samizdat series. 1984, published 12 lectures by M. Heidegger into Czech in Oxford; the books were brought secretly to Czechoslovakia. Until 1989, led a private philosophical seminar on Heidegger's "Being and Time", using own translation in progress; organized the visits of foreign philosophical guests at the seminars. 1990, received the Prize of Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences for the 27 volumes of the "Jan Patočka Archive Collection", published in underground, 1977-1989. 1990, set up the Jan Patočka Archive as a special department at the Institute of Philosophy of the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences; until now, has served as the director of this Archive.

Since 1990, assisted as a governmental laison in founding the Central European University and served as the Secretary to the Board of Trustees of the Prague CEU Foundation, until the end of CEU in Prague in 1997. Since 1993, co-director of the Center for Theoretical Study, the Institute for Advanced Study at Charles University and the Czech Academy of Sciences. Jan Patočka Archive is a part of the CTS. 1997, received Jan Patočka Memorial Medal from the Czech Academy of Sciences in recognition of work accomplished in furthering scientific research. Since 1990, has edited 28 books by Jan Patočka, including 18 volumes of his Collected Works.

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