Mgr. Irena Šímová, Ph.D.

Irena Šímová
Irena Šímová is a botanist and ecologist. She studied biology (Mgr.) and botany (Ph.D.) at the Faculty of Science of Charles University and spent her residency at the University of Arizona in Tucson (2010-2011). She is interested in factors that influence species distribution on Earth in time and space. In particular, she is interested in how the number of plant species relates to the richness of the environment and how plants influence ecosystem processes. She has published in international peer-reviewed journals and authored several popular science articles. She lectures at the Department of Ecology, Faculty of Science, Charles University.

Current grants (Researcher):

The equilibrium theory of biodiversity dynamics - macroecological perspective [detail]

2020 - 2024, GA ČR EXPRO 20-29554X board n. EX5

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