PhDr. et Mgr. Petr Šída, Ph.D.

Petr Šída

E-mail: petrsida(zavinac)

Phone: 604 384 422

He graduated in archeology, ethnology and geology at Charles University in Prague. For a long time is concerned with the issue of hunting societies of Pleistocene and Holocene, with emphasis on the combination of humanities and natural sciences approach . In last years he also works on the history of landscape development and methodology of archaeological excavations. Excavated the hunting sites near the south bohemian lakes (Švarcenberk, Tisý), Gravettian sites in Lubná, abris of the Bohemian Paradise and neolithic quarrying complex in Jistebsko. He spends his free time by photographing of the Bohemian Paradise and Jizera Mountains and documenting of old houses.

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