Ondřej Beran, Ph.D.

Beran, Ondřej

E-mail: beran@cts.cuni.z

Phone: +420 221 183 536

In 2004, M.A. in Latin and Philosophy at Faculty of Arts, Charles University in Prague (M.A. thesis “Petronius a jeho napodobitelé” [Petronius and the fake-Petronian texts]); in 2008 Ph.D. in Philosophy at the same school (Ph.D. thesis “Jazyk a individualita” [Language and Individuality]). In Winter Semester 2007, residency at Technische Universität Dresden (DAAD Scholarship). From 01/2008 to 07/2009 researcher at Department of Logic, Institute of Philosophy, Academy of Sciences of the Czech republic; since 09/2009 post-doc at Center for Theoretical Study. Areas of interest - dialogue between analytical and continental traditions of the contemporary philosophy - individuality, privacy, the hidden, misunderstanding from the point of view of linguistic philosophy - colors

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