Mgr. Petr Tureček, Ph.D.

Petr Tureček
Petr Tureček studied theoretical and evolutionary biology at the Faculty of Science of Charles University. Primarily, he focuses on cultural evolution. Through mathematical modeling, he investigates the impact of differences between genetic and social transmission on the processes of adaptation and divergence in the respective domains. He also teaches Cultural evolution at his alma mater, where he works as an assistant professor in the Department of Philosophy and History of Science.

His other interests are fairly broad. They include the evolution of mimicry, sexual selection, or the impact of grandparents on the birth and survival of grandchildren. He enjoys pioneering new and bizzare areas of study. Therefore, he also explores semantic pareidolia and the Living Yurt Hypothesis.

He is a member of the Blá group, with which he publishes a literary magazine, organizes concerts, and public poetry readings.

He wrote the childrens' book "Hair is Returning" and the poetry collection "Birds and Asses Flew Merrily".

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