A Comparative Introduction to Political Theories of Carl Schmitt and Chantal Mouffe

Přednáší: Ahmet Kaan Ketboğa
Carl Schmitt has been one of the controversial characters of contemporary political thought in terms of both his political theory and his political position during the Nationalist Socialist regime in Germany. However, there is no doubt that his interpretation of “the political” has been essential for many succeeding political theorists including Chantal Mouffe who is associated with post-Marxism. In this context, while Carl Schmitt focuses on the distinction between friend and enemy in his antagonistic conceptualization of “the political”, Chantal Mouffe takes this differentiation to an agonistic point of view which focuses on constitutive aspect of “the political”. My aim in this seminar is at providing participants with an introductory perspective on political theories of Carl Schmitt and Chantal Mouffe on a comparative basis whose foci are the conceptualization of "the political", the attitude towards liberal democracy.