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Members of CTS

Tomáš Gavenčiak

Gavenčiak, Tomáš [detail]

heoretical computer scientist. He works on complex existential risks and long-term security of artificial intelligence.


Jan Hošek

Hošek, Jan [detail]

Geologist. Studies geological record of the Quaternary period.


Mottl, Ondřej [detail]

Researcher with a main focus on quantitative ecology, macroecology, palaeoecology, and community ecology with an interest in data science. Currently working on developing state-of-the-art tools to study global biodiversity patterns and lowering the barriers to scientific exploration.


Jan Smyčka

Smyčka, Jan [detail]

Evolutionary biologist. He is particularly interested in the processes of emergence and disappearance of biological species, their ranges and ecological characteristics.


Tomáš Telenský

Telenský, Tomáš [detail]

Ornithologist and ecologist. Focuses on population ecology of birds, namely demography, drivers of population declines and increases in birds and spatial modelling of their distribution.

Anna Tószögyová

Tószögyová, Anna [detail]

Biologist and ecologist. She is concerned with macroecological patterns.


Petr Tureček

Tureček, Petr [detail]

Evolutionary biologist. He is mainly interested in the evolution of culture.