The CTS has a long experience in training postdocs (since 1991, pioneering this stage of an academic career within the Czech Republic), every year it recruits a new postdoc to its team. It is a relatively small institution where postdocs are valuable full members of the CTS team and they are deliberately selected to meaningfully complement the existing team and at the same time have the opportunity to develop within it.

It is expected that the postdoc will take part in collaborative projects of the CTS. The postdocs participate in internal and general seminars which the CTS organizes on a weekly basis and in the 3-day off-site meetings (twice a year) as well as in other activities such as workshops or summer schools. Through participating in these interdisciplinary activities the postdocs develop their competencies in knowledge mobilization, discussion across disciplines, widens the knowledge about the spectre of research methods and theories and their use.

The vibrant environment in the CTS enables to use the period of the postdoc to discuss the stages of postdoc research with specialists from various disciplines and of various career stages. The CTS is well connected in international cooperation and collaboration and thus it provides a solid environment for the growth of both academic (research and presentation of results) competencies and general professional skills.

Postdocs of CTS

Tomáš Gavenčiak

Gavenčiak, Tomáš [detail]

heoretical computer scientist. He works on complex existential risks and long-term security of artificial intelligence.


Jan Hošek

Hošek, Jan [detail]

Geologist. Studies geological record of the Quaternary period.


Mottl, Ondřej [detail]

Researcher with a main focus on quantitative ecology, macroecology, palaeoecology, and community ecology with an interest in data science. Currently working on developing state-of-the-art tools to study global biodiversity patterns and lowering the barriers to scientific exploration.


Jan Smyčka

Smyčka, Jan [detail]

Evolutionary biologist. He is particularly interested in the processes of emergence and disappearance of biological species, their ranges and ecological characteristics.


Tomáš Telenský

Telenský, Tomáš [detail]

Ornithologist and ecologist. Focuses on population ecology of birds, namely demography, drivers of population declines and increases in birds and spatial modelling of their distribution.

Anna Tószögyová

Tószögyová, Anna [detail]

Biologist and ecologist. She is concerned with macroecological patterns.


Petr Tureček

Tureček, Petr [detail]

Evolutionary biologist. He is mainly interested in the evolution of culture.