Jindřich Prach

Jindřich Prach
Vegetation ecologist, botanist. He tries to work half in research (CTS and Dep. of Botany, Faculty of Science at Charles University) and, otherwise, half practically in the field of environmental protection - Nature Conservation Agency of the Czech Republic, Administration of the Český kras (Czech Karst) Protected Landscape Area. He deals with research on landscape changes in the past (using palaeoecological methods) and at present (e.g., botanical surveys) and application of the results of these research in nature conservation.

Otherwise, a fan of traditional cultural landscapes - old trees, meadows, orchards, preferably with a backpack on his back and a camera in his hand.

Current grants (Researcher):

Regulation of construction activities in protected landscape areas (PLA) [detail]

2020 - 2023, TAČR ÉTA TL03000439

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