Regulation of construction activities in protected landscape areas (PLA)

Prach, Jindřich; Říha, Cyril; Konopásek, Zdeněk; Lokšová, Terezie; Vybíral, Jan; Pertl, Martin; Fanta, Václav
TAČR ÉTA TL03000439

The project aimes at improving the regulation of construction activities in protected landscape areas (with emphasis on PLAs Křivoklátsko and Český kras as model areas). We want to examine what this regulation is, how it comes into being and what its effects are, and propose recommendations on how to make it more effective and more politically legitimate. We will use the long-term experience of transdisciplinary work at our institute, combining competencies in the fields of architecture and urban planning, sociology and ecology (landscape protection). The key outputs will be a Final report for Nature Conservation Agency of the Czech (containing practical recommendations), seminars for PLA administrations and affected municipalities and a web presentation for stakeholders and wider public.