Prague Fall Course

Datum konání: 29. 9. 1996 - 30. 10. 1996

Letní škola

Preliminary program: 

Roman Kotecký Cluster expansions, Onsager solution, interface. 

Miloš Zahradník Pirogov-Sinai theory. 

Dima Ioffe Local limit theorems (large deviations, moderate deviations and CLT) in the context of the high and low temperature Ising model. FKG, Lee-Yang theorem, Wulff construction.

Fabio Martinelli Stochastic dynamics, proofs of convergence to equilibrium.

Aernout van Enter Gibbs states, DLR, non-gibbsian states; connection with renormalization group and the complete analyticity program.

Adam Majewski Introduction to quantum statistical physics, quantum Lyapunov exponents.

Nilanjana Datta Low-temperature phase diagrams of quantum lattice systems.

Jacek Miekisz Nonperiodic states, tilings, quasicrystals. 

Bálint Tóth Continuous symmetry breaking/reflection positivity/infrared bounds with particular emphasis on quantum spin models.

Christian Borgs Dobrushin states. Pirogov-Sinai theory for classical and quantum interfaces.

Anton Bovier Kac models, neural networks.