Prague Summer School

Datum konání: 30. 6. 2003 - 18. 7. 2003
Místo konání: Department of Mathematics of Technical University in Prague

Letní škola


30 June - 04 July

Stefano Olla (Paris Dauphin) Statistical mechanics of molecular gas dynamics and hydrodynamic limits.

Fraydoun Rezakhanlou (Berkeley) Kinetic- and scaling limits in interacting particle systems.

Vladas Sidoravicius (IMPA, Rio) Renormalization and multiscale analysis in percolation and interacting particle systems.


07 July - 11 July

Pablo Ferrari (Sao Paulo) Zero range, Poisson trees and spatial processes.

Christian Maes (Leuven) Applications of time-reversal (in nonequilibrium statistical mechanics).

Gyorgy Szabo (Budapest) Evolutionary spatial games.


14 July - 18 July

Nilanjana Datta (Cambridge) Quantum information / quantum lattice gases.

Errico Presutti (Rome) Phase coexistence, coarse graining, and Kac potentials.