Prague Phase Transitions

Datum konání: 30. 8. 1999 - 17. 9. 1999
Místo konání: Praha

Letní škola

A three-week Graduate Course on various topics in Mathematical Statistical Physics will be held in Prague, for the third time. Each lecturer will present a series of 2--3 talks, on Mathematics and Physics of Phase Transitions, accessible for graduate, post-doc, as well as advanced undergraduate students.

The lectures will take place at the Center for Theoretical Study and the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University. In addition to 2 two-hour lectures each day, talks and seminars by post-docs and students are planned. Some additional informal activities in Prague and its surroundings will be organized in the remaining time.

Each lecturer is going to present a minicourse consisting of up to 3 talks (a talk is be default something between 3/2-2 hours).

The tentative program:

August 30 -- September 3

Thierry Bodineau Wullf L_1 theory

Raphael Cerf Geometric measure theory and the proof of the Wulff isoperimetric theorem

Lincoln Chayes Random clusters

Remco van der Hofstad Application of the lace expansion to self-avoiding walks and oriented percolation

Frank den Hollander Metastability in canonical ensembles

Senya Shlosman Weakly Gibbsian states

Gordon Slade Statistical mechanics and super-Brownian motion


September 6--10 

Thierry Bodineau Wullf L_1 theory

Anton Bovier Fluctuations and extremes in disordered systems

Lincoln Chayes Random clusters

Enzo Olivieri Restricted complete analyticity, finite size conditions and renormalization group maps

André Verbeure On Bose condensation

Roberto Schonman Percolation on graphs

Bálint Tóth Hyperbolic conservation laws (An introduction through concrete examples)


September 13--17 

Wolfgang Koenig Self-attracting path models and parabolic Anderson model

Jacek Miekisz Statistical mechanics of evolutionary games

Enzo Olivieri Restricted complete analyticity, finite size conditions and renormalization group maps

Charles Pfister Selected topics in thermodynamical probability theory

Roberto Schonman Percolation on graphs

Unfortunately, no financial subsistence can be provided. However, living expenses for the duration of the entire Course will be less than 600 $ (lodging will be available for about 100 $ per week, additional living costs are less than 100 $ per week).

Students interested please sign up via e-mail on the address: