General Information


praha1.jpgThe TSC 2003 Conference will take place in Prague - the capital of the Czech Republic. Prague: "the most beautiful city in the center of Europe", "the capital of medieval Europe", "the Mother of Cities", "the city of culture": these are just a few of the epithets given to Prague- the remarkable city in the heart of Europe. Prague boasts the distinction of being a privileged place, ranking amongst the most important and interesting European cities.

Hundreds of years of history attack your senses as you walk through its lanes, trying to capture its essence. One is fascinated by its mixture of architectural styles: the austere Romanesque, the mystic Gothic, the ornate Baroque and the decorative forms of Art Nouveau which seem to be literally floating in the air. Cultural life too has never passed Prague by; numerous famous personalities have visited or lived in Prague, and they adored this place for the world of thought and for the inspirations that the city instilled in them.

praha2.jpgPrague is an unbelievably free and comfortable city. It is not as big as most European metropolises and thus the main tourist attractions are within an easy reach. Their diversity is extensive and the entrance prices remain low. Places generally holding the greatest tourist interest are found along the "Royal Route" which runs from the Powder Tower up Celetna Street to the Old Town Square, then across Charles Bridge, through the Lesser Town and up to the Hradcany Castle. One should also not miss the Jewish Town, and the National Gallery with its fine collection of Czech Gothic, old European and beautiful French art. Tourists are always welcome here. They can enjoy the ambience of small coffee shops and restaurants, and they can feel at home in its cosy hotels and small pensions.

Magical atmosphere of Prague has been shaped over ten centuries!


The domestic currency is the Czech Crown (CZK). Regularly check official exchange rates as they can change daily.


There is nice weather in Prague from May through September. In July the temperature can range from 20°C to 28°C during the day, and from 15°C to 20°C during the night.

Věra Janoušková, Rudá hlava / Red Head, 1970, železo a sádra / iron and plaster