Definite program

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Invited Speakers

Ron Chrisley, cognitive science, University of Birmingham: The seems/is distinction: An(other) argument against the possibility of a science of consciousness [abstract]

Natalie Depraz, philosophy, University of Paris IV: Empathy and Openness: Practices of Intersubjectivity at the Core of the Science of Consciousness [abstract]

Shaun Gallagher, philosophy, Canisius College: Experimenting with Phenomenology [abstract]

Patrick Heelan, physics, Georgetown University: Phenomenology of Measurement as Key to Brain/Consciousness Connection [abstract]

Ted Honderich, philosophy, University College London: Consciousness as Existence, Devout Physicalism, Spiritualism [abstract]

Cyril Höschl, Jiri Horacek, psychiatry, Charles University: Neurobiological Correlates of Normal and Altered Consciousness [abstract]

Jean Petitot, cognitive science, CREA: Neurogeometry and the Phenomenology of Space [abstract]

Karl Pribram, neuroscience, Georgetown University: Consciousness Reassessed [abstract]

Georges Rey, philosophy, University of Maryland: Intentionality Without Consciousness [abstract]

Evan Thompson, philosophy, York University: Neurophenomenology: Integrating Subjective Experience and Brain Dynamics in the Science of Consciousness [abstract]

Arthur Zajonc, physics, Amherst College: Concerning the Problem of the Observer: Learning the Lessons of Physics [abstract]

Věra Janoušková, Rudá hlava / Red Head, 1970, železo a sádra / iron and plaster