Social Programme Activities

If you 'have' not already applied for social programme activities and would like to, or if you have already ordered and wish to add additional activities, please complete our Social Activities Reply Sheet.

We are pleased to offer you the following:

Sightseeing Tour of Prague

Sunday, July 6, 2003, from 16.30 to 19.30

photo/praguetour01.jpg A professional guide will meet you at the Hotel Lobby and then drive you to town, by bus, where you can take a pleasant stroll through Lesser Town, the Old Town Square and across Charles Bridge, observing many other Prague monuments along the way.

Ticket: CZK 450 (not included in reg. fee)

Tutorial Lunch

Sunday, July 6, 2003, from 13.00 -- 14.00

We offer tutorial participants lunch, which will be served at the Praha restaurant. Lunch includes an appetizer or soup, choice of main course (incl. vegetarian), dessert and a soft drink or beer.

Price: CZK 280 (not included in reg. fee)

Welcome Party

Monday, July 7, 2003, from 20.00 -- 21.30

photo/praguetour02.jpg A Welcome Party will be held in the Japanese Garden of the Top Hotel.

Additional ticket for accompanying person: CZK 850 (included in reg. fee)

Four Conference Lunches

July 7 -- July 10, 2003 from 12.20 -- 14.00

We offer you lunches during the days of the conference that will be served at the Praha restaurant. Lunch includes an appetizer or soup, choice of main course (incl. vegetarian), dessert and a soft drink or beer.

Price: CZK 1 120 (not included in reg. fee)

Excursion & After Excursion Party

Tuesday, July 8, 2003 from 14.00 -- 22.00

We are very pleased to offer you your choice of various excursions and day trips to assist you in seeing more of the beauty of the Czech Republic. After your excursion you will spend your evening enjoying a pleasant Barbecue Party, along with your TSC 2003 Conference colleagues, at the VZ Merin Resort.

Ticket: CZK 1 250 (not included in reg. fee)

Trip No. 1 -- Karlstejn Castle & Party

photo/karlstejn.jpg An excursion to the High Gothic style castle founded in 1348 and built by the Czech King and Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV as a place for safekeeping the Royal Treasures including Charles' collection of holy relics and the coronation jewels of the Roman Empire. It holds a pre-eminent place amongst the many Czech castles.

Trip No. 2 -- Historical Mining Museum in Pribram & Party

photo/kladiva.jpg An excursion to the Mining Museum at Brezove Hory - the biggest mining museum in the Czech Republic. The museum is situated in the area of the historic Sevcin shaft, driven in 1813 on the site of a medieval mining pit dating from the 16th century, and also near the Vojtech pit (founded 1789) and the Anna pit (1779). The museum's exhibits are displayed in the original mine's working and administrative buildings and show visitors the region's rich mining past.

Trip No. 3 -- Konepruske Caves & Party

photo/jeskyn.jpg An excursion to the caves situated in Central Bohemia, 7 km south of Beroun, in the middle of the Czech Karst nature reserve. The caves were discovered in 1950 and made accessible to the public in 1959. Found in 400 million year old limestone deposits, the caves consist of three levels 70 m under ground level (the top level housed a 15th century secret workshop of money forgers), and extend over 2 km long. The caves can boast of their unique opal-bearing decorations as well as their numerous paleontological excavations that document the geological history of the Earth's past 1.5 million years.

Trip No. 4 -- Astronomical Institute -- Ondrejov Observatory & Party

photo/ondrejov.gif An excursion to the Astronomical Institute of the Czech Academy of Science located on Manda hill amidst the forest. Founded by Josef Jan Fric 100 years ago, there are two historical observatories here and a museum displaying historic astronomical equipment.

One observatory telescope has a mirror of 2m diameter.

Barbecue Party in VZ Merin Resort

After your excursion you will have the pleasure of attending a Barbecue Party, where food and drinks will be served, at the VZ Merin Resort, located south of Prague and situated in the lovely southern Bohemian countryside on the shore of the Slapy reservoir. It is a favourite Czech recreation spot, where, during the BBQ, you can make use of its on-site indoor/outdoor water world - complete with swimming pool, switchback wave pool, whirlpool, sauna, solarium, massage and fitness facility. There are also other activities at your disposal to enjoy, (conditions and time permitting), such as tennis, volleyball, basketball, squash and bowling offered in VZ Merin’s multi-purpose sports facility.

Věra Janoušková, Rudá hlava / Red Head, 1970, železo a sádra / iron and plaster